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After failing his Tel course twice, he battled on and finally passed. Postings were - Murchison - Melville - Penguin - Kuttabul - Melville - Penguin - then Kuttabul for discharge.

Clive and Yvonne attended a number of Regional reunions and most would remember the last two years - Wodonga and Port Fairy. They lost a son approx 3 months ago and then Yvonne had a fall and broke her hip (she leaves hospital on the 6th Jan).

We all started to muster from 11.30am onwards and we had 'No Defaulters', with 'Ship Under Sailing Orders' for midday.

On boarding the vessel, we made our way inside to our allocated area, and with tables/chairs all set out, and on each table, bottles of red & white wines, wine glasses and bottles of Crown Lager what more could a person wish for!!

It was then that I mentioned Brian Gray and how, when we had discussed this outing at our RANCBA Meeting, on return home, I contacted him and within 2 hours, I had a response and with a very good deal, so I asked to put their hands together and show full appreciation .

Then to keep all speeches to a limit, I wished all on behalf of the RANCBA Committee a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

My name is Geoff Bartlett, the son of Les Bartlett, a member of your West Australian chapter. Postings: CERBERUS 1946 (ORD SIG), KUTTABUL 1946-47 for LACHLAN, LEEUWIN for PARKES 1948 (A/SIG), AUSTRALIA 1948 (SIG), PENGUIN for KANGAROO & CULGOA, 1949-51 (A/L.

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Also to Shorty Moffatt for the interesting newsletters.

Clive Voss of Wangaratta Vic passed away after a very brief stay in hospital.

Clive was born 12th September 1934 and joined the RAN on 24th August 1953 official number R49697 for a term of 6 years.

Then the stories started, and as you know, no ex Navy (m/f) tells a little fibbee!!

Brian Gray OAM and a very stalwart Member of the RANCBA who when I contacted him if we could have this cruise again this year, made a speech and spoke of a friend of his, who he plays golf with and was onboard, He is 94 years old and I would have to say very sprightly , he had been part of the D Day Landings in Normandy, served on HMS SHROPSHIRE before it was handed over to the RAN .

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