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It's not something I would wish on anyone."Henke cannot forget the day of the operation, walking on to the ward after Oscar had undergone three hours of surgery. "He would run 20 yards to a fence and back and was frighteningly fast," says Henke.

"He always beat his friends."However, Oscar was subjected to cruel bullying.

The IAAF will keep a close eye on the race to monitor whether Pistorius's blades give him extra stride length or an unfair advantage in the final straight, before deciding whether they can allow him to pursue his Olympic dream.

Some experts also claim he is spared the onset of debilitating lactic acid in the calf muscles, which causes fatigue in runners.

It was very difficult."So, with the help of a punchbag, Oscar learned to fight back.

"The next year the same two boys tried it again," says Henke.

Next weekend Pistorius could easily qualify for the South African squad at the world championships in Osaka, Japan, next month. "That will be the big story, when Oscar goes to the Olympics," his father Henke told The Mail on Sunday.

It was Henke and his late wife Sheila who decided to amputate Oscar's legs when was 11 months old.

His best 400m time of 46.56 seconds puts him only three seconds behind Wariner's best time.Nothing short of qualifying for the Beijing Olympics next year will satisfy him. While many see him as a groundbreaking hero, redefining the very concept of athletic achievement, others claim his artificial legs amount to cheating.Pistorius himself can't see what all the fuss is about because he considers himself as just another athlete."I'm not disabled," he says breezily.In a groundbreaking race next weekend in Sheffield, 20-year-old Pistorius will take on the current Olympic champion.Not as some freak show or demonstration race – but because for the first time in history, a disabled runner has earned his place among the world's elite on merit."Already a Paralympic champion and world-record holder in amputee races over 100m, 200m and 400m, Pistorius is now achieving something revolutionary.

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