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The term piqued my interest about two years ago and ever since then I've been doing my own little research. I always like to know how things work, why, and how they happen.Limerence isn't very eminent, unsurprisingly, as it just came into scientific light about 30 years ago by a scientist named Dorothy Tennov on her research of romantic love.You enjoy picturing the two of you together, and he/she reciprocating your feelings.

It's understandable; it does sound like the stuff you hear in love songs and read in hardcore romance novels. You don't know what wanting or desiring is until you experience limerence.

Some people suggest that OCD might have something to do with it due to the regulation of thoughts that revolve around the person who the limerent is pining for.

Tennov believes the cause is from a hyperactive limbic system.

Truthfully, I teetered my decision of whether I should write this or not. I started this in March, read other books about romantic love, psychology books about emotion along the way, and now I have finally finished it since it's summer.

I find the whole idea and concept of limerence very complex, because of all the variations it can have.

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