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The last question relates to former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards who is facing indictment by a federal grand jury on charges of breaking campaign finance laws.

From a political perspective, Al and Tipper Gore used their marriage as a counterbalance to the albatross of the Clinton’s marriage when he was vice president.

When Gore ran for president in 2000, he emphasized his marriage and family to separate himself from the recently impeached Clinton.

C., the daughter of James Aitcheson, a plumbing-supply entrepreneur and commercial real-estate investor, and his first wife, Margaret Odom, she grew up in Arlington, Virginia. Agnes School), a private Episcopalian school in Alexandria, Virginia, where she excelled at athletics and played the drums for an all-girl band, The Wildcats. When Gore went north to attend Harvard University, Tipper followed, attending Garland Junior College and later Boston University.

Her parents divorced when she was four years old, and she was raised by her mother and maternal grandmother. She met her future husband, Al Gore, at his high school senior prom (St. They married on and have four children: Karenna (born August 6, 1973), Kristin (born June 5, 1977), Sarah (born January 7, 1979) and Albert III (born October 19, 1982).

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