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One of the major problems that large centers like Cahokia faced was keeping a steady supply of food.

The decline of the city coincides with the Little Ice Age, although by then the three-fold agriculture remained well-established throughout temperate North America.

Because it was such an unhealthy place to live, Snow believes that the town had to rely on social and political attractions to bring in a steady supply of new immigrants; otherwise the town's death rate would have caused it to be abandoned earlier.

Another possible cause is invasion by outside peoples, though the only evidence of warfare found so far are the defensive wooden stockade and watchtowers that enclosed Cahokia's main ceremonial precinct.

Today, Cahokia Mounds is considered the largest and most complex archaeological site north of the great pre-Columbian cities in Mexico.

Cahokia Mounds is a National Historic Landmark and a designated site for state protection.

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