Dot dating tires

The Series 3 cars brought the 9"-longer chassis of the six-cylinder 2 2 to the roadster as well.

Note the windshield-washer dual-spray nozzle is mounted on the hood bulge as the windshield on these later long-wheelbase cars was brought forward to where the nozzles were situated at first (there were two single-spray nozzles).

While the rubber is too old to permit driving on them, their presence contributes to the accuracy of a car.

As time has passed more and more replacement parts are non-NOS and not original used parts.

Preservation of very original cars keeps these technical details from being lost.

On the left is prototype E1A, in the middle is the Geneva Show coupe, and on the right is the New York Show coupe.

This end view of an intake camshaft galley shows the factory-installed lock wires for the sprocket-retaining bolts.

This V-12 car also has chrome pressed-steel wheels.

Before the Series-2 cars, all production E-Types were fitted with wire wheels; later wire and pressed steel wheels were offered.

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