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She realized that if she kept talking to them, she would not be able to resist God’s call. Every time we recall that moment, she herself has a good laugh.

Three years later, she once again met up with a group of Sisters and young people of the Home of the Mother who were on a pilgrimage in Ireland. But, Therésè still feared God’s call and continued avoiding the Sisters.

Years later, as a Sister, she would take the name “Sr. Therésè entered the Home of the Mother of the Youth (the Home of the Mother’s Youth Group), becoming the first Irish girl to join the Home. We asked her why she had entered and I think she said that she liked our three missions: the Defense of the Eucharist, the Defense of the Honor of Our Mother especially in the privilege of her Virginity, and the Conquest of the Youth for Jesus Christ.

She had been very skillful in avoiding us, keeping herself busy talking to other people.” The truth is, these young religious Sisters she had just met seemed too attractive to her, so attractive that it almost frightened her.

However, faced with her loneliness, I suppose she felt a great emptiness.

It was her sister Patricia who, seeing her unhappy, encouraged her to go to Spain for Holy Week. Therésè had a hard time getting used to our environment (and Spanish food), but something kept her coming back.” It was in April of 1999 that she first came to Spain with her older sister Patricia and a group from Ireland, to participate in the Holy Week Encounter.

At the end of the Mass, kneeling on the floor in tears, she said her “Yes” to God.

She entered as a Candidate of the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother on July 16, 1999, transferring to Cantabria (Spain) in order to start her religious formation. After making her first vows on July 2, 2002, she was sent to our house in Belmonte (Cuenca, Spain), where we run a house for girls ages 6 -18 from low-income and/or dysfunctional families.

In 2004, she was sent to the USA, her principle occupation being that of teaching in several different schools and pastoral collaboration in nearby parishes.

Yet, in spite of the adverse exterior circumstances – or perhaps thanks to them – God spoke clearly to Therésè’s heart during those days.

On July 12, while listening the homily given by Fr.

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