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Sending cards to family and friends towards the end of the year is something very common. There are some people who just send a few cards each year.

In Japan as well, there’s the custom of sending Japanese New Year Cards, better known as “nengajo” (年賀状). More importantly, if you receive a new year card from somebody – and haven’t yet sent one to them – then you better hurry up and return the favor ASAP!

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The Japanese New Year Cards which can be bought in stationery shops and post offices are so-called “prepaid postcards“.

That means, as long as they’re sent within the country they don’t need a stamp!

However, they came too late as I had already sent out my nengajo to that person. You can imagine that the post offices get super busy during the end of December.

They guarantee a delivery on January 1st – as long as the cards are sent out before December 25th (within Japan).

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