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exemplary use of computational science tools with college students and leadership in advancing the integration of computational science into the classroom teaching of others presented at SC08 Education Program in Austin, Texas.

Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology, April 2002.

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The final segment of the show, saw him moving in and giving India a bath and putting her to bed.

Adolescent dating violence is an important juncture in the developmental pathway to adult partnership violence.

As a window of opportunity for positive change, the present review considers the theoretical and empirical work on adolescent dating and dating violence.

Modeling and Visualization Workshop leader for high school teachers through the Maryland Virtual High School including co-developer of Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center CAST Professional Development Program modules for Computational Reasoning in High School Science and Math.

The introduction of guided-inquiry based activities into chemistry, materials science (partnering with Josh Halpern at Howard University), and Earth/space sciences using technology as an enhancement tool for learner-based instruction.

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