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“They” are absolutely getting ready for something on a grand scale, and have invested billions of dollars allotted in secret to agencies for national security to create a hidden infrastructure for survival and subtlety.The elite are increasingly investing in prepping contingencies – at both a personal and institutional level.A number #10 can is generally purchased for larger camping groups or for emergency food storage, as it holds approximately six pounds, or 13 cups, of food with approximately 10 – 25 servings per can.When asked what the cause for the atypical demand may be, Ms.Cornutt said, “we have nothing concrete, but we believe this is contributing to most of it - Federal reserve talking about buying 0 billion worth of treasury notes, which could de-value the USD, hence causing inflation fears. In addition, we have had many Americans call and express concerns with our current government.” Though recent reports suggest that US emergency service agencies, law enforcement and the military have stepped up preparedness efforts, Ms.Cornutt rebuffed rumors that the Federal government may be responsible for acquiring much of the food for emergency services preparations saying, “the Federal Government/FEMA are not making large purchases of our Mountain House #10 cans.” A leading online emergency products firm and distributor to agencies such as Department of Homeland Security and the TSA also put this rumor to rest, saying the government “has not purchased more than normal,” in recent months.Oregon based Mountain House, a division of Oregon Freeze Dry, Inc., has confirmed reports of shortages in their freeze dried food product line.

Not only is this secret continuity of government activity happening but it is accelerating rapidly.

[sic] which is a gravel road and tractor trailers are always going up the mountain with covered loads.

There are all sorts of Gov’t signs about private property and no trespassing.

Its called continuity of government, and it’s been refined over the years to anticipate foreign invasion, nuclear war, catastrophic accident, rioting and citizen unrest, an electromagnetic pulse above the capital, a catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure, a malicious hacking of the electrical grid, terrorist attack, hurricanes and earthquakes, an asteroid from space—you name it. the White House and the Generals and the Departments large and small all have plans to depart the capital city and recover. […] their classified alternate facility, which sources say is in Albemarle County in central Virginia.[…] roughly 16 miles east of Charlottesville—and it’s undergone a million plus renovation since 2007.

For decades, there’s been speculation about just what Peters Mountain is, this Cold War artifact on the outskirts of Washington, part of a string of “hardened” communications nodes built to survive nuclear war in the 1950s.

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