Poz dating ottawa

I also spent several months in segregation as a result of the publicity in my case.

I’ve also suffered from verbal death threats, physical assaults and sexual abuse, all unprovoked, by other inmates and even corrections staff.

This experience has been the most humiliating and degrading experience of my life.

MB: You’ve had your name, picture, sexuality and your HIV status released by the Ottawa police to the media.

Since I’m none of these, and I don’t consider myself a criminal, I don’t really feel that I fit in with those around me.By the time we got to the window, we were surrounded by a SWAT team and I was arrested.MB: You’ve now been in jail longer than you’ve been HIV-positive.Despite being in “protective custody,” I haven’t felt very protected.By releasing my name, picture, sexuality and HIV status, the Ottawa police put my life in unnecessary danger and caused many dangerous events to take place.

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