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Brott's children were "furious" at him, he said, when he broke off a two-year relationship without consulting them first.The moral, he said: Keep everyone's expectations low.Impromptu weekend trips to the mountains may not be happening.Once you are in a more serious relationship, allow him to have alone time with his children.

A common mistake men make is to neglect to have regular conversations with the new girlfriend to explain why he makes choices favoring the children. While kids remain the priority, don't ignore the needs of the relationship, Fisher said.They need to bond, and it helps them see you're not taking him away.Be wary if he doesn't have your back against disrespectful kids.While it's understandable that kids might be hostile at first, you don't want a weak-willed partner who doesn't stand up for you (or himself).Be wary if he's prioritizing your relationship over his kids.

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