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By the age of 19, she had gender reassignment surgery, after three nose jobs, two boobs jobs and an Adam's apple reduction.

Since then she's gone onto have over a million dollars-worth of surgery, procedures and other aids to help to transform her into a Barbie Doll.

From two-years-old she knew she was different, always putting on make-up and nail polish before becoming obsessed with Barbie two years later.

Reading this makes me wonder how common is it to have fetishes?When I found out I almost broke up with him, not because of the porn content but because he was making me wait. He promised he wouldn’t be watching porn secretly in a shed when I am at his house (3 days a week) and making me wait to have sex.The reason he said he was in the shed was because we were ‘getting on top of each other’ since I had been at his house for a week.The mother-of-three, who has three adopted sons, says she's had so much done that she can barely remember every surgery, adding: 'My body has had gallons of silicone, I've spent a lot on changing everything from my head to my toes, breasts and body' While living as Jason Torress, Nikki, pictured age 8, knew she was born in the wrong age from two always playing with dolls, sitting down to urinate never standing and as she went to school she would dress in flamboyant makeup pencil in eyebrows and dream of being like her favourite stars on MTV like Madonna'When I walk down the street with my hair in a long ponytail, hot pink lipstick, shades, jeans and a crop-top, girls say 'Oh my god, you look just like Barbie' - that's how I know I'm accomplishing my dream.'When I look at my boy photos now I don't recognise myself at all, it's such a total transformation, you can't even see a little bit of the boy I used to be.'At one point, I got to a level where I didn't need to keep having surgery, I looked like a biological woman but wasn't happy with looking basic, I was focussed on becoming a Barbie Doll.'In my mind, Barbie looked different to who I saw in the mirror, the more surgeries I did the closer I got to my dream and the happier and more content I became with myself.'I didn't just want to be pretty, I wanted to be gorgeous, stunning, the ultimate - I never wanted to be the girl next door I wanted to be the sexy b**** down the block.'Now I feel like I've achieved as close as I can to perfection, minus the little hiccups here and there, I'm happy with the way I look.'Soon I'm getting a Pink BMW convertible to enhance my Barbie image, then after that I'll be looking for a hot guy who looks like a Ken Doll.'I'm still optimistic on the relationship front, hopefully one day I'll find my Ken - I'm looking for a tall, superhot, straight muscular man, I love tattoos and pretty boys that look like Ken Doll.'Nikki, grew-up idolising Barbie and popstars like Madonna, after believing she was born in the wrong body from as young as two-years-old.She said: 'I would get reprimanded for playing with my cousin's dolls at four-years-old, even then I wanted to look like Barbie, it was always my dream.'Then small things like I would always sit-down when I went to the bathroom, I never stood up, it felt like I was born with the wrong genitals even at that age.'I was confused and ashamed, I didn't know what was wrong with me, back then I had no knowledge of being trans and it was a secret I kept from everyone.'In school, Nikki she received cruel comments for her 'eccentric' appearance, but at home she would raid her mum's closet, apply heavy make-up and dream of being one of the stars on MTV.

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