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Along with the variety of landscape, there are also differences in climate and topography throughout the country.

Understanding the current climate and environment of the country, analyzing and interpreting Peru’s cultural dimensions, and contrasting business success and opportunity to American corporations, industries and business investors can develop and implement a marketing and integration strategy that will aid organizations entering the global market.

However, some cultural aspects from the Inca’s are still practiced by Peruvians today. Today, Peruvians are a multi-cultural and multinational society.

As many as 45% of Peruvians are descendants of the Inca, 37% are mestizo “mixed Amerindian and White”, the remaining population include, Black (of African descent), Japanese, and Chinese.

Due to Spanish influence, the majority of Peruvians are Roman Catholic while the remaining religious denominations of the population are Evangelical Christians, other, or unspecified who make up less than 20% (CIA, 2013).

As observed in the language, religion, and ethnic blends, Peruvian culture is a consistent blend of the ancient world of the Inca Empire mixed with Spanish style and influence. developed its own modern music culture complete with Symphony Orchestra”, (Koc, 2010).

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