Professional dating for over 50

“The first email I sent was really hard to write because I just didn’t know what to say.” If you’re unsure how to phrase your greeting, start with something simple like: “Your profile sounds very interesting, especially the part about [something that caught your eye].I think we’d have a lot in common, and look forward to hearing back from you if you’re interested.” To stave off feelings of rejection if this person doesn’t write back, try emailing a few people at once. Or, if you have computer-savvy kids or friends, don’t be afraid to take advantage of their expertise.I, for one, helped my mother scan her photos so she could post them online; and Jeff, a 57-year-old from Milwaukee, leaned on his son with great results.“He wasn’t being dishonest; it’s just that I hadn’t dated since my teens, and it took me a while to realize that one date didn’t mean we were ‘going steady’ as it did before,” she says.“Now, I’m more aware of that and don’t take it for granted.” Here’s some advice that’s especially important for women to take to heart: While you may be used to hanging back and letting men initiate contact, the sheer number of singles online means, competition-wise, that you must — and I mean must — step up to the plate. “This was a new concept for me because the last time I was single, it was more acceptable to wait for a man to ask me out,” she says.

These days, most 50-somethings surf the web and zip off emails just as easily as their younger counterparts, so the transition to the world of online dating is easy.

While they may hit a snag or two, such as not owning a digital camera, having trouble uploading their photo into their profile, or just feeling weird about “selling” themselves in 200 words or less, luckily there are plenty of places to go for help.

Many large online sites like offer technical support via email or an FAQ section.

Case in point: My mother Karen first began searching for men her age or a little older.

“Quite frankly, I just didn’t get that many responses,” she told me.

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