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There are frequent delays in counselling, recording the victim’s first statement before the magistrate and in providing her with an initial medical examination to detect sexual abuse – an essential first step to fight the case. Police may take weeks or months to register the FIR, giving traffickers time to recapture the victim or escape the area.They are commonly biased in investigations and incorrectly file charge-sheets against the accused.“They raped me forcefully one by one and made a blue film of the incident” (Shravani, 14) Shravani, a 14 year old girl living in Uttar Pradesh (India) was drugged, abducted, locked up, gang raped and used for pornographic films before being sold to a brothel. On my denial I was burnt with a hot iron rod, beaten harshly and gang raped for one long week” she recounts.The police were informed but they let the accused go free, and made no efforts to recover the girl.Micro connector Interface charger Not included Play games, taking pictures, listening to music, VR resources, 3d games, e-books flip, omnipotent, universal bluetooth remote control handle.

You have the authority to ensure that the police correctly register child prostitution, sex trafficking and rape cases; provide the victims with immediate medical and psychological treatment; and actively pursue justice against criminals.Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has sent the online world into over drive after hinting that a third Sex in the City film could be one the cards.The 50-year-old posted to Instagram a picture of herself looking very much like her Carrie Bradshaw character, wearing a tight white dress and a pair of fabulous stilettos and carrying the paper bag, adding: “Well.I guess the cat’s out of the (little brown) bag.” Over 15,000 of her followers were sent into a frenzy trying to ‘decrypt’ the image and quote, many mused as to whether the actress could be confirming a third film. Some fans went as far as to propose that filming for the film of the cult franchise had already begun – arguing that the photo posted by Parker was the evidence.But the mother of three would not confirm or deny the rumours, instead teasing fans of the fabulous New York foursome with: “As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able.

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