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If you draw a picture on the surface of a balloon, then if the balloon is dented somewhere or even turned inside-out, the picture remains the same (all the distances, angles, densities, etc. Point of fact: it may be that the balloon is a completely false metaphor for the universe as a whole, since the best modern measurements indicate that the universe is flat.

That is, rather than being a closed sphere (hypersphere) it just goes forever in every direction.

The easiest way to think about the expansion of the universe is to think about the expansion of something simpler, like a balloon.

If for some reason you have a balloon covered in ants, and you inflate it slowly, then the ants that are nose-to-nose (pardon, “antennae-to-antennae”) with each other will barely notice the expansion.

In the picture above, if an ant can run a distance of 2 during the expansion time, then an ant starting at the yellow point could reach the red point, but an ant starting at the green point will always find itself maintaining the same distance from the red point.

The “ant horizon” is a decent enough analog for the edge of the visible universe.

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The oldest photons we see are those that have come from just barely on the near side of the distance at which light can’t close the gap.Impress with an elegant dinner at sea – serving up ceviche and the catch of the day – while cruising around Biscayne Bay and Star Island.The scenery, including magnificent waterfront homes, is sure to inspire.Notice the awkward phrasing there: distant galaxies are “getting farther away”, but oddly enough they are Initially, the distance between Red and Yellow is 1, and the distance between Red and Green is 2.After doubling the size of the “universe” the distances are 2 and 4, respectively. Green would seem to be “moving” faster than Yellow, but in fact all of the dots are sitting still while the space they inhabit expands.

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