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A survey of more than 15,000 midlife Canadian women of sexual activity showed that women whose children were still living in the home were less likely to have intercourse than their empty nester counterparts (Fraser et al, 2004). As long as we’re talking about mid-life adults, let’s move on to examine myths about sex in older adults.Though they obviously still love their children, many empty nesters seem to enjoy the freedom that comes with having the house to themselves. There’s really only one myth worth talking about, and that’s the idea that they don’t have it.Once engaged, couples living together prior to marriage do not experience negative effects on their marriage’s duration.The reason for the cohabitation effect makes sense.Perhaps no area in psychology is as laden with myths as that of close relationships.First and foremost, love and infatuation are strong emotions.Our feelings of happiness on a daily basis reflect the ups and downs of our relationship life.

The media capitalize on our thirst for relationship knowledge. Popular magazines, entertainment TV shows and websites often focus on the unhappy celebrity relationships, sensational statistics, and distortion of population trends.Most recently, a team of statisticians developed a formula to predict the odds that a celebrity couple will get divorced.If we take this material too seriously, we may very well end up thwarting the very needs we hope to satisfy.However, this small sample may not be more largely representative.A large analysis of all of the available research on homosexual relationships (Peplau & Fingerhut, 2007) carried out on both men and women suggests that there are more similarities than differences between same and other-sex couples. It’s better not to let your partner know when you’re upset.

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