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” small talk and find someone you’d like to meet in person.

My first date was with Elvio, a sassy, floppy-haired graphic designer who played in a band.

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You see, after months of dabbling with online dating in Italy, I’ve decided that if love is going to be found here, then it’s more likely to be found in a traditional way.

Do not stress too much about being on trend with every outfit, Italians tend to dress classically with a few fresh accessories added in.

The most important part is to be sure that your outfit is tailored to you, a dress or suit that shows off your best assets is your biggest weapon in the Italian dating world.

For those dating online, showing that you have a similarly close relationship with your family can also sway the person you are interested in.

Go and visit your parents or grandparents and make mention of doing so. Do not be overwhelmed by the romantic world of Italian singles, the whirlwind love affair fantasy is well within your grasp.

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