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First, I would have students read the text itself, and in class we would discuss both the theory, the background of the theorist, and ways people have used this theory since.Then, we would spend the next class collaboratively coming up with ways we could use this theory in our own lives, which we would supplement with excerpts from musicals (and an overview of the entire musical).

This leads me to wonder what are other ways we can use music to teach our students about sociology and about Symbolic Interactionism specifically?is a clearly written, up-to-date, and authoritative introduction to the symbolic interactionist perspective in social psychology and in sociology as a whole.Filled with examples, this book has been used not only in the classroom, but also cited in literature as an authoritative source.When we covered Symbolic Interactionism and Dramaturgy, for example, students read Mead and Goffman and then we linked their ideas to Billy Elliott’s socialization (via props, rituals, back and front stage performances, emotion management, and interpretive processes) as a male ballet dancer in a lower-working class, masculine-focused familial and economic context (I initially chose this because I had a professor who used the movie version of Billy Elliott for this purpose in a Symbolic Interaction course).In this way, each theory covered was linked to a musical story students could use to analyze and (as one put it) “play with” sociological concepts and arguments.

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