Internet dating cliches

To help you woo on the web, here we bring you relationship expert ALIX FOX’s top tips on creating the perfect profile.Put our handy guide to use and you’ll be well on the way to some text-ual healing.2016 is turning out to be exciting for a lot of reasons, but the most exciting thing about it is a hope I've long harbored: That it will be the year that we finally transcend dating profile clichés, instead filling our online bios with interesting, meaningful, and original content.In case you're not in on these clichés, though, let's take this opportunity to break down all the general things to stop saying on your online dating profiles.

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BE SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY: Some dating apps automatically pull information, such as your job and location, from social media pages.NO GROUP SHOT AS MAIN PROFILE SNAP: While a shot or two of you having fun with mates shows you’re likeable, no one wants to spend ages trying to figure out which person is you, then being disappointed when you’re not your gorgeous pal. Not even if they’re cropped out and you look hotter than a vindaloo. USE UP-TO-DATE SNAPS: You’re set for stress if you have to reveal you’re balder, older, curvier or skinnier than they expected.NO BABY PHOTOS OF YOURSELF: That’s just plain gaga.DON’T NEG: “Negging” is saying something negative or back-handed to a person to get a response. Your outfit should make you feel confident, not self-conscious.BE SAFE & SAVVY: Meet in a public place, never at anyone’s home and tell friends where you’re going.

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