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Since 2010, Voxvalley technologies has been delivering Vo IP based application and solutions for every type of business present out in the market, ranging from a small company to the biggest company.

Voxvalley is well known for its reasonable and smart communication solutions to numerous – Vo IP service providers, SMBs and Enterprises.

With the mass deployment of GPRS / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi networks and with the introduction of cheaper data services, calling from mobile sets using Vo IP technology is getting popular day be day across the globe.

Hence, i Tel Mobile Dialer Express provides opportunity to service providers to earn good amount of revenue by enabling them to offer Vo IP services.

When coupled with Vox Bridge, Mo SIP works even better giving an exceptional performance over its already existing capability.

This versatile and cost-effective solution is not only limited to the businesses who are ready to hit Vo IP market, but also already established companies.

It gives you the convenience to make Vo IP calls from your mobile handset bypassing the expensive route inherently provided by the cellular networks as with compatible handsets.

Star Dialer not only allows you to make Vo IP calls with your chosen provider penetrating though the networks that are blocked by ISP/Telco firewalls but allows you to save the expensive bandwidth cost by passing the calls through the Star Dialer encrypted compression tunnels.

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The name of the provider of Mo SIP Mobile Dialer is Vox Valley.Star Dialer has successfully passed all the required tests provided by the Symbian Global Test Center.Star Dialer products and services were developed by the in house IT division Star Comm, LLC which consists of developers, programmers and software engineers.Cool Dialer have its proprietary anti firewall technology to avoid all sort of firewalls which makes it working from every place of the world. Hello Byte Mobile Dialer is getting Popularity Zem Plus and Speako Mobile Dialer from Spiny Tel GMS Mobile Dialer supports on many OS Platform SIMPLE Dialer from DIVINE Informatics Limited 24Dialer – m Vo IP Application to make Phone Calls Pronto Dialer – SIP based MVo IP Application About i Tel Mobile Dialer Express and Hybrid Dialer Mir Technologies introduced m Tel Dialer Mo SIP Dialer – SIP based Application from Vox Valley Knight Dialer provide Crystal Clear Voice Quality Cool Mobile Dialer from Synchronous Some Features of Star Dialer g Plex Mobile Dialer and it’s Key Features Wholesale A 2 Z Destination Route Pioneer Mobile Dialer in Bangladesh Quality White CLI route at Flexible rate Quality CLI and Non-CLI Route Provider Mobile Dialer for KSA, Dubai-UAE, Oman, Qatar and others A Mobile Dialer, also called a soft dialer, is an application that allows cell phone users to make Voice over Internet Protocol (Vo IP) calls using a mobile phone through the Internet connection.It has multiple stage protection plans against firewalls. The practice of making and completing calls using this method is often referred to as Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol (m Vo IP or Mobile Vo IP).

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